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Mr & Mrs Collins

The day started by getting to the venue early so I could have a good snoop around. The hotel was the Devonshire Fell, in Burnsall, Yorkshire. It was amazing – the hotel was just a few steps away from the stunningly beautiful village (or hamlet if you are that way inclined) and I walked down early to stake out where we could have some photos later on. Luckily for me, John (the groom) and his brother Will were on their way down to the pub for a quiet beer (and by quiet, I mean without my camera in the way). I still stalked them on the way for some quick shots!


I spent the next hour with Laura and her bridesmaids. I did my classic move and tried to hide in the corner whilst taking snaps of them all having a good time. It’s worth noting that in typical English fashion, the weather was still deciding whether or not it was in fact Summer. The room, however, was consistent – and by this I mean consistently hotter than the surface of the sun. What’s always nice to see is the undivided attention the bride and groom get on the day and the girls didn’t disappoint here, quickly devising a foolproof fanning system for Laura to stay cool.  1019292234As the morning quickly went by, I snapped away as both mums drifted in and out of the room to help out and it seemed as though everyone was having a good time. I even managed to get a shot of Laura’s Scottish touch, the shoes! I had then planned on nipping downstairs to get some photos with the boys, however the rain was pouring down so I gatecrashed their room for a short while instead. 3646495659616668So, Andrew (little brother) decided he would rock a new look for the day. I think growing up with 3 brothers may have forced him to be inventive in his quest for an original fashion sense – it seemed trainer socks with a suit was the answer. 70The ceremony was fast approaching and it was time to spend some time downstairs with the guests while the bridal party finished up.

778385939594I  shot back upstairs for the last few minutes with Laura, Dad and the bridesmaids. Then it was time….1029998111112120128122132137134145155156158173And so, it was official, they were now Mr & Mrs Collins. The guests all decided to make the most of the sunshine outside and after a few minutes of well deserved relaxation we all headed off to the village for some more formal photos.

204206210212215224239256277284290Quick pause with Grandad, while he takes in the spectacular views of Yorkshire…298Everyone then tucked into some well deserved beers and wine – the party had officially started! 300305319320

Laura & John were lucky enough to have their wedding over two weekends, so I packed up and left everyone to have an awesome night and returned the weekend after. Great idea for two reasons – one; Laura got to wear her wedding dress twice and two; they had two parties. Think this could set a new trend! 323363357327392374364367

Then came the first dance! Well, after the family butchers made pulled pork butties for everyone, which were phenomenal! All in all it was a great wedding, both night and day. All the best Mr & Mrs Collins!


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