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West Yorkshire Wedding Photographer – Halifax – The Riley Shot – Neil and Lindsey

Neil and Lindsey

The day began with a short visit to Neil’s house, where he was waiting with some of the guests for the transport to the venue to arrive. We had arranged beforehand that I would come shortly before the Vintage Bus was due so that I could get started straight away, snapping away at everything in preparation for the big day.

Neil was as cool as a cucumber and quickly reminded me about his preference for photography. As we chatted, I tested the water the way I usually do by snapping away whilst talking, to which Neil responded, “Ohhh man what are you doing to me!”. I quickly reverted to operation stalk. Once a few family members arrived, I waited for the action to start and took a few shots of everyone preparing to leave. Neil’s Dad was also quick to remind me that my big camera was not easy to hide. I live by the saying ‘if you don’t succeed; try, try, try again’ – and so I did, politely reminding him that we only had ten hours to go :). All good humour to kick off what was an awesome day.

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As the bus left, I made my way 200 metres or so to Lindsey’s house, for a few shots of the girls getting ready. We had arranged for me to nip in for half an hour and then head off to the venue. When I turned up, everyone was in good spirits and well on their way to being ready for the bus, which was due to return in an hour. I took a few shots of the bride getting ready and when Grandad turned up to help out with some babysitting, I managed to continue the stalking method and snapped a couple of the pair outside (until Fearne spotted me and the smiles stopped!).

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And so, after a whistle stop visit with the bride and groom I headed off to the venue. The Ponderosa Park in Heckmondwike meant a lot to the whole family – over the years, Lindsey, Neil and the kids had spent a lot of fun days out there. Looking over the lake, it was a perfect place to have there special day. When I arrived the majority of guest were ready and waiting and the ceremony came around before we knew it.

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Lindsey’s Dad had to hold onto two of his girls while walking down the aisle. Lindsey let go much sooner than Fearne, who seemed happy to cuddle with Grandad for the rest of the ceremony. Neil looked calm -I kept my eye out for a wee tear but it didn’t come. However, I needn’t worry about tears as you will find out later!

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It was official, I took my first shots for Mr & Mrs Harvey! We made the most of the sunshine and took some family shots outside before the speeches. Lindsey and Neil took advantage of the location and the kids all had horse rides. The weather was beautiful so everyone had a few drinks outside until dinner and I managed to wander around capturing everyone having a good time.141 Early 4 175 182 184 187 197 206 217 219 235 211 238 241 250

After the fun and games it was down to business – dinner then speeches! I had been made hugely hungry all day by the amazing smells coming from the awesome Lindt chocolate wedding cake and I was ready for some food, it didn’t disappoint.

The speeches didn’t disappoint either with Neil and his best man Dylan providing some super jokes and some tears. At one point the father of the bride gave Neil a helping hand delivering the speech when he needed a wee breather! In turn Neil provided some assistance to Dylan for his best man speech which went down a storm. We then had an ace surprise when Lindsey popped up with her own speech at the end. In keeping with the theme, Lindsey had asked each person what they loved about Neil before the day and all of the guests read out their comments. Great idea!

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The day quickly turned into night and before I knew it, Lindsey and Neil were having their first dance and it was time for me to go. Great day all round!330 331 350 351

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