Wedding Prices

Our Wedding Prices

Contact me for a wedding photographer in West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, hell, let’s just say Yorkshire. Manchester, the North west or to be honest anywhere in the world . Prices start from £850 for full high resolution images on a USB for you to print at your discretion. Don’t hesitate to contact us on, or click here
In an attempt to keep pricing simple, we do 2 packages (but are happy to price up a more tailored deal) for wedding photography. Day which usually consists of 11-4 (again, we are happy to work with you on the times) or Day and night, 11-7.30 (first dance).

Wedding albums

We like to keep things simply at The Riley Shot and I (Scott) have never tried to charge over the top to get involved in printing your images.  We don’t have any in-house albums but we are happy to guide you to ones you will love and we are happy to explain how easy (and fun) it is to do it your self, rather than pay over the top money for someone else to have all the fun. Believe me, it really is personal to the bride and groom to go through all of your weddings snaps and pic out 50 (of about 400) to go in a special album.

Wedding Photographer

We do lots of different photography at The Riley Shot, such as product, commercial and lifestyle Photography.  I, Scott started the Riley Shot 5 Years ago with wedding Photography and continue to do weddings today, so you can be confident that I will make sure you get the most out of the photos as possible, with my natural friendly style. I simply love taking candid, natural shots, to help you get a flavour I check out the portfolio to see my style of wedding photography. Mixed with black and white and colour I aim to tell stories with every picture so that when you look back in years to come you feel like you are back in the room again. Of course a wedding day would not be right without fantastic classic shots of the bride and groom and family, friends, which I make sure i get just what you are after. As these are much more personal to each couple, I normally don’t include these in the portfolio or blogs and concentrate on showing your my style. On that note, if you are struggling for ideas on the classic style wedding photos, we will chat about this before your big day, so don’t worry, I’ll sort it all and offer my honest advice for what works well for you. I can even send over some old weddings photos for inspiration if you need them. For now, however, just relax and get excited for the big day because it will come around before you know it.


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