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The wedding of Rebecca and Gareth

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Manchester Wedding Photographer – The Riley Shot – Chorlton Wedding

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Mr & Mrs Nelligan

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Manchester Wedding Photographer – Mr & Mrs Jones – The Riley Shot ©


Mr & Mrs Jones

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Mr & Mrs

The Riley Shot – Yorkshire Wedding Photographer


The Riley Shot – Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

Mr & Mrs

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Yorkshire Wedding photography By The Riley Shot


The Wedding of Mr & Mrs Battye


The wedding of Mr & Mrs Ross ©The Riley Shot photography, Manchester

Kiss for the bride and groom

Kiss for the bride and groom

As I drove up a winding farm track, a beautiful white lighthouse suddenly appeared above the trees –  what an amazing place to get married! I could see immediately why merchant sailor Ben and his beautiful bride Emma picked this unique spot to wed.
As the Usk Lighthouse is located near Newquay, Wales I didn’t get a chance to have a look around before the big day, so I arrived a couple of hours beforehand to have a good look around for the best spots. To be frank, I’m rather nosy and this beautiful setting was worth the early rise.
At first I joined Emma and her bridesmaids while they were getting ready. Watching the bride throughout the morning was lovely and as the hour approached the nervousness and excitement started to creep in. Once Emma had finished makeup duty I dashed off to find Ben and his friends, only to return just before the ceremony with Emma, Natalie, Becki, Becky and Jack all looking fantastic. Jack was cool as a cucumber ready to give his sister away and the bridesmaids were relaxed before the rather tough trip down a tight flight of stairs (in killer heels).
I was glad I got to spend a little time with Ben and his mates too, we had a wee walk outside and then looking remarkably calm and happy I shot him welcoming all of the guests and the build up to the ceremony.

After the lovely ceremony, watching Emma hold back the tears and for a second Ben too, it was amazing watching the little glances and kisses while they signed the register. I really like to let the bride and groom dictate how I capture their day and we agreed after a quick champagne stop to a few private shots to give the new Mr & Mrs Ross some time on their own. After a few super photos we took some time off so that the newly married couple could celebrate with their family and friends while I took some photos with the bridesmaids and couples.
It was beautiful watching a really intimate wedding where everybody was so close and happy, and as the rain approached it was time for the speeches on the lighthouse roof (not bad if you ask me). They couldn’t have timed this better if they tried, about 3 seconds after everyone started moving back inside the heavens opened and the party began.
The night ended for me as the party got started and just before I left I captured the new Mr & Mrs Ross dancing beneath the window under which they were married just 5 hours before. As the sun set and the beers flowed, it was time for me to leave the guests alone without fear of one of the signs becoming true “BEHAVE, what happens tonight, is on Facebook TOMORROW”.
Overall it was a pleasure to meet and spend such an important day with a special couple and I feel really proud to have been a part of this unique day. Congrats Mr & Mrs Ross!!!








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