Day Nursery photos, By The Riley Shot

This week I spent some time at Play Alma Mater Nursery, Oldham. It was really nice to meet all of the staff and it was really easy to capture the fun that all of the kids were having. I managed to spend time with all of the age groups – from the babies up to the big kids playing outside under the gazebo. My aim was to capture what a great Nursery Pamela has, and all of girls working there were on hand to help me get some interesting shots.
It was great to see how much attention and time everyone in the nursery gave the kids and I tried to show everyone in their natural light.
Next up, I have a few family portrait sessions in August and as I continue to invest a lot of time in stock photography I’ll be updating my landscape and travel photos. If you would like more details on how to book, please email me on or call 07561305803.