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The wedding of Rebecca and Gareth

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Manchester Wedding Photographer – The Riley Shot – Chorlton Wedding

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Mr & Mrs Nelligan

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Family Photography, Huddersfield by © The Riley Shot

Last week took me into the pennies to see Faye, James and Jack. I arrived in the middle of peak nap time for Jack,so we decided not rush to setting up and let Jack enjoy a well deserved rest.
After a little while, everyone was ready for me to start snapping – the plan for the day was to take some shots in the house and then (weather permitting), we would go for a walk to the park for some more casual family pics. With the rain pouring we cracked on with the inside shots. Jack was on great form and after a long trip home from their holidays he certainly didn’t show any signs of tiredness as he played with his tractors. James’ tip on how to get Jack to laugh worked a treat – imagine me laid flat on the floor pointing the camera at James, Faye and Jack all the while pretending to have a sneezing fit. This was good enough to capture them all at their best and we got some great shots.
  The weather did pick up after a while and we managed a trip to the local park by the river. Faye had asked for some really natural shots beforehand and this was a good chance for me to step back and photograph while they all relaxed together. It was a fantastic afternoon and I was pleased to get some natural shots in the sun and even a few down by the river!
In the next month I have some engagement shoots coming up and some weddings in the Autumn. For more of my latest work see my blog


Day Nursery photos, By The Riley Shot

This week I spent some time at Play Alma Mater Nursery, Oldham. It was really nice to meet all of the staff and it was really easy to capture the fun that all of the kids were having. I managed to spend time with all of the age groups – from the babies up to the big kids playing outside under the gazebo. My aim was to capture what a great Nursery Pamela has, and all of girls working there were on hand to help me get some interesting shots.
It was great to see how much attention and time everyone in the nursery gave the kids and I tried to show everyone in their natural light.
Next up, I have a few family portrait sessions in August and as I continue to invest a lot of time in stock photography I’ll be updating my landscape and travel photos. If you would like more details on how to book, please email me on scott@therileyshot.com or call 07561305803.

Yorkshire Family Portrait – by Scott Riley ©therileyshot Photography

It was lovely to meet such a happy family and after all of 2 minutes everybody was at ease and we were up and running with the shoot. We decided beforehand that we would try a few shots against a nice plain background, then a few out on the decking. Finally, I would try and capture some natural shots of the kids playing and having fun.
Martina and her family were all great and were really comfortable in front of the camera. There was a lot of Makka Pakka talk to raise a big smile from the little one and luckily my comedy content wasn’t needed, as the whole family bounced off each other to my relief.
It was really nice to meet Martina, Michael and the kids and hopefully I captured some memorable moments for the family to enjoy. If you are interested in Family portraits in Yorkshire or Manchester please email me at scott@therileyshot.com or click here for more info and pricing.


Family Portrait Yorkshire – The Riley Shot Photography, by Scott Riley

Kiss for my baby sister

Kiss for my baby sister

My main aim today was to get completely natural shots. I was under strict instruction that staged photos wouldn’t be allowed and that action/casual shots were the way forward.
With the sun shining, Poppy nice and comfy under the flowery umbrella and the 25 degree weather, I couldn’t ask for much more. We spent a few minutes getting ready and with my little helpers popping in for a kiss and a cuddle with Poppy every now and then it gave me chance to show them in a really natural way. My favourite style of photography is just to sit back and watch families be themselves and with kids you always have a fantastic opportunity to snap a unique view! After getting some great snaps of poppy in the sun she decided it was nap time, so I thought it’d be best to give her some rest and start taking some photos of the kids playing in the garden.
 Everybody knows the old cliché “a picture paints a 1000 words”, but I really believe it’s true. Watching the boys playing around in their own individual way, I was really happy to capture just how fun it is to be a kid.
Watching Harley ask to prop his toy car up on the chair and then take his screwdriver and wrench, crawl underneath the car and start to “fix” it, was priceless. I managed to capture him in full work mode and when he had sorted the Mini out, he moved onto the JCB. After taking a few more pictures we realised that he wasn’t fixing the tractor, just taking it apart piece by piece!
Everyone was having a great day and when all of the boys decided to have a go on the trampoline, it was time to try and get all three of them in an action. Earlier in the session I was told that parents were to stay behind the camera, but it was nice to capture the big kids having fun too.
All in all it was a great day and I’m happy I got take take some shots that really captured the moment, boys being boys and everyone enjoying the sun.
Next up I’m excited for my family shoot on Saturday in Halifax, and our holiday to Greece so keep an eye out for my best shots in 10 days time!