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Nick & Dave celebrate their Las Vegas wedding

Nick and Dave’s wedding

The sun was shining when I arrived nice and early at Stables Country Club in Bury. I had a chance to nosey around the venue and immediately loved the awesome long walkway up to the entrance. Nick and Dave had mentioned beforehand that (weather permitting) they would love some photos of them greeting everyone at the beginning of the party and this spot was perfect. The sun was beaming down and the newly wed couple’s smiles were hard to miss.

The lucky devils had tied the knot a week earlier in Las Vegas so my aim for the evening was to capture the action and snap the happy couple celebrating with loved ones. Nick and Dave were very laid back about it and I was left to do the classic silent stalking of the guests, to capture some of those one-off moments. So we began with a few quiet shots of the happily married couple outside and before we could say “Las Vegas”, the guests were streaming up the path.

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And so it began…Nick and Dave had huge smiles on their faces and that was how it remained far beyond when I packed up and left them all to party. Even as the temperature dropped and our hands started to seize up, they stayed outside to give everyone a big hug and kiss. I loved the fact that many of the guests greeted them with huge hugs, which was sometimes quickly followed by, “You had to pick Eurovision night didn’t you!”. Oh well, if you can’t be 100% selfish (and I mean this in a good way) on your wedding day, then when can you be.  Here are a few of my favourite meet and greet shots.

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Once the the guests had been welcomed, we headed inside and the party began.

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Next up Nick and Dave grabbed the microphone, not to blast out a bit of karaoke but to deliver their lovely speeches.


As the night rolled on, I managed to get some shots of the awesome cake and a wee pic of the night sky. Wedding cakes do amaze me and this was one of the best I’ve seen.

1jpg213635Before we knew it, Nick and Dave were being called up for their first dance and after a few minutes it didn’t take much to get everyone on the dancefloor.105108109114117120 copyAnd so with the green backlit dance floor and the groomsmen leading the way, I packed up my bags, said goodnight and went off to find my bed. It was lovely to hear everyone still laughing and joking as I made my way to the car, and I wish Nick and Dave all the best for their future together.

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