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The Wedding of Mr & Mrs Nelligan

My day started with a visit to the groomsmen. Richard was super laid back and seemed to be enjoying the day when I arrived – his son Gabriel was on good form and Richard’s close friends were helping with final preparations. I watched as they finished off some last minute touches to the plans and then took some shots of Gabe stealing the show. It was great to see everyone so relaxed and having a good time, just going with the flow. After I took some shots of the boys, I headed over to the see the bridal party, luckily for me just a wee drive away. The first question I always seem to get is, “Were the boys relaxed?!”, “Were the girls frantic?!”… In all truth everyone’s excitement seemed to have over taken the nerves!27a


When I arrived at the bride’s place, dad was kind enough to make me a coffee and insist I have a seat whilst we waited for Siobhan to return home from the hairdresser. It’s always nice to see a friendly face when you are in someone’s home and is a great way to start the day. I finished the brew and took some time to take shots of the beautiful flowers. Once Siobhan came home it was all go, go, go…everyone was super excited and as the preparations started I got to work snapping away. I get called cheesy an awful lot but I really do love this part of the day. It’s easy to forget that you are in someone’s home on one of, if not the, most important day of their lives and you get to hear all of the most private and funny stories that built up to this day. So I did what I do best (I think) and tried to capture those moments on camera, from Mum showing Siobhan photos of her in a bridesmaid dress 15 years ago, to laughs around the table. 6558a4960

As the morning continued and the house got busier, before long it was time to load the car and get on down to the church….7679104111


We arrived at the church in plenty of time which allowed me to split my time between being outside with the bride and inside with the groom before the ceremony started. It was a really nice moment when Gabe came out to see his mum for the first time. The church was beautiful and as I watched on throughout the ceremony I was able to run up, down and around the church to get lots of photos from the balcony. One day I think I’ll use my Apple watch to see how far I run in a day, I’m sure it must be more than a footballer! Anyway, back to the day, the ceremony was lovely and at around 2pm it was official…Mr&Mrs Nelligan started their married life.



In a flash, the ceremony was over and the sun was shining, so everyone gathered outside to have a good catch up. We made the most of the unexpected sun and took some family shots outside then headed off to the venue.251238243250

I then headed off to the venue with some rather important guests in my car – it’s nice to help out in any way I can throughout the day. However, with the Mother and Father of the bride in the car I was under pressure, rather like a royal driver!

Once at the venue the bride and groom got to relax a little more and tucked into some bubbly. I kept my eye on the weather outside and after the bride and groom had some quality family time, we decided to take some photos of everyone in the garden. The sun came out again and the afternoon rolled on.

Wedding Mother of the Bride Wedding Post box

Next up, I left the guests to enjoy their meal and started shooting again in the lead up to the speeches. This is a great time to wander around the room, everyone is readying themselves for what’s to come…..


weddingManchester Wedding339


After a few more drinks, the dance floor got busier and as 8pm approached it was time for the big the first dance. It seems standard practice now to have a nice 30 second dance as a couple and then under the unwritten rule, family and friends join in.


As I packed up for the day, the party continued. It was really nice to see Siobhan   and Richard so happy, everyone enjoying themselves and it’s great when everything comes together perfectly for the bride and groom. I loved every minute of the day and I wish the happy couple and family all the luck in the world.

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