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Huddersfield wedding photographer – The Riley Shot – Yorkshire wedding – Fiona & Simon

Fiona & Simon

The Old Golf House Hotel was the setting for Simon and Fiona’s big day and I arrived to the sun peaking out from the clouds. Fiona was already at the hotel and Simon was due in half an hour, so I had the chance to spend a little time with both the Bridal party before mixing it up with the groomsmen. I took a couple of shots with the girls looking around the set up and after some questionable hen do jokes, I slipped off back to the boys to take some snaps.17 13 2 Hello

It was great that both wedding parties were in the same hotel before the ceremony  so that I could get some of those nervy/excited before-moments from both sides. Next up I went to see the men prepare their suits and quickly tested the boundaries of personal space in the room, with 6 blokes and my rather large camera! It was all fun and soon they had finished up and headed to the bar – luckily for me they all (well more or less) had a classic nervous smile while I clicked away. I arrived back with the bridal party just as Mum came in to help out with the wedding dress and flowers, while the bridesmaids poured the bubbly and chose the perfect tunes!

Over the next hour I put my complete lack of fitness to the test as I hopped between the groomsmen and bridal party, snapping them all having a good time and building up to the big moment. I could see no nerves just yet, with everyone just sipping prossecco (or lager), laughing and joking about what was to come. Fiona and the bridesmaids – Kay, Amy and Nichola – as well as Mum, were all very welcoming to me when I was strolling around the room listening to the stories and I even had an offer of a glass of bubbly. As tempting as it was, I politely declined, sticking to juice for now! I do love how close you get to be with the family in this job and the banter didn’t disappoint today – Fiona gave Amy some straight talking over the bridesmaids duties, or lack thereof! So after some last minute preparations from the girls, they were finally ready and after wishing them luck I ran off to get a quick couple of shots before the bride made her grand entrance.

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The ceremony was next up and as I swooped around the room snapping away, the time flew by and before long it was official – Simon and Fiona were now Mr & Mrs Pickles.

We moved upstairs next and I took a few shots of the guests relaxing before the food arrived. As soon as the food was all done, the speeches began. It was the traditional set up with Simon up first, followed by Fiona’s dad Paul and then the best man Deano. All three delivered some classic speeches – there were tears, laughter, faith, love and lots of sentiment! We even had one cheeky little guest stealing the limelight at the end – she just couldn’t resist the lure of the microphone! The speeches did what all good speeches do, get everyone going and ready for the night ahead.

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Then before I knew it, it was time to pack up and leave the party goers to their dance moves. One last chance to wish the bride and groom the best of luck and I was on my way to the car. It was an awesome day, smiles all around and everyone looked to have a great time.

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