Commercial Photography

Thanks for visiting The Riley Shot. Whether its packshot product photography or a commercial photography, we can help you get your business noticed. We are committed to understanding you and your product, so we can capture images that match your values and help to acquire new customersWe promise to give you straightforward advice and support and work with you closely to produce stunning images that differentiate you from your competitors. 

We believe photos are worth a thousand words and can truly add value to your business or product, so please feel free to contact us on or click here. Scroll down to see what we offer, what might be best for you and our transparent pricing structure.

Commercial Photography

We offer commercial photography at fair prices without compromising on quality or creative flair. Whether you are want to commission a shoot with us supporting, provide a specific brief or leave it up to us; we can help to create something that you and your customers will love. We work closely with you to get the best images and help you stand out from the competition.

We also work closely with multiple agencies across the world so understand the latest developments in photography to ensure your images stand out, delight customers and stand the test of time. Prices for commercial vary depending on the specifics of the project, Contact us or call on 07561305803 for a day rate quote and we can talk about your exciting project and what we would need to achieve the best results.

If you are new to this concept the reason we don’t have a simple cost is dependant on the job. If we were shooting a car commercial or 5 model shoot for a soft drink company it could require a 2nd shooter, camera assistant etc. Whereas, a shoot of a business in a natural environment, such as a nursery wanting to show their caring, loving side when looking after young children is more simpler and is a straight up day rate/hour rate.

However, we know that if you are new to the industry it is hard to understand, so to help I have listed a typical example below. Contact us for a tailored quote. 

Pricing Example

IT Software Director shoot, Yorkshire. 

Brief – Professional portrait shoot in a studio and at place of work for authentic look. 10 Images required for large print and exclusive rights to the entire shoot (this means that no shots from any of the shoot will be made available). Agreed 2 hour studio shoot and 2 hour in office shoot.

Production Cost (studio rent for location, equipment hire for specific agreed shot) £ 500

Assistant/2nd shooter £250

My creative fee £ 500

Post production fee £1000

Total £2000

This costs above are an example of how we quote for a commercial project. We will always do our upmost to give you a fair price. The cost may be less without exclusive rights, or what the intended use of the image is for, so please feel free to call us for more information.  

Product Photography

We know how to shoot products so that the stand out from the rest. Whether you are looking for a simple cost effective way to shoot your products on a clean background, or something a little more creative, we are here to make your products pop.

What is product photography?

Product photography in the UK is made up of 2 types , creative and packshot product photography.

Packshot Product photography

Packshot is great for E commerce sites where you product is shot against a clean white or black (colours are optional) background giving you a clean cut image. Check out our prices here

Creative Product photography

Creative is slightly different. We make sure we understand you and your product/business and your key aims or objectives for the project. We will work with you and come up with a vision, shoot the product, edit the image so that you have something to stand out and that tells a story to your target audience. Contact us for more details.

Our work

These are some photo’s from our commercial and product portfolio. If you would like help showing your business from a new fresh angle and attracting new customers we would love to get involved. We will happily send over images on request for new clients. 

We respect business privacy and appreciate that when you paid for a quality product you want to ensure you have a one of a kind, creative, unique image. Therfore, most of our commercial work is exclusive to your business and if agreed on contract, we do not to publish on our website or any stock photography website, to ensure total exclusivity. For now, here is a small selection of commercial and product work we have done that were not exclusive and are available on Alamy stock .

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