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Hi Im Scott,  I am a West Yorkshire, (well Huddersfield to be precise) based photographer.
I fell in love with still images when I was a boy but really got hooked when travelling in Asia and seeing the power a still image has. I started out selling images of my work and after studying the ins and outs of photography, being a “2nd shooter” and learning from some amazing people I decided to go it alone and start small. I decided on wedding photography, balancing it with a city job and doing 5/6 per year, whilst still doing a lot of my art work was a hobby. After a few years it has grown, I now sell my lifestyle, news and product photography with various agencies, such as Getty, Alamy etc.
As I now have a stunningly beautiful little family I have scaled back the weekends I shoot weddings and now have 15 weekends per year. This has given room to shoot, portraits (both studio and creative), much more commercial and products photography which is great. Ihave always found that as The Riley Shot grew more opportunities arose to use our creative skills, such as creative head shots in the city for aspiring actors (which I loved, so much fun), or creative product shots for small businesses.
I love being creative and bringing pictures to life, which is why my latest work with product photography has been heavily influenced on the creative side to help small businesses stand out. I don’t like to say I have one style or that we at The Riley Shot do one type of image, we try our upmost to do what’s right for the client. To get a flavour of the types we can do, check out our instagram feed for examples of lifestyles we shoot to help bring out the best for businesses.
The one difference to this is Wedding Photography, as this is all about the moment and I do believe you should stick with your style in wedding photography. I love you shoot stories, and by this I mean documentary style, some call it photojournalist wedding photographer style. It doesn’t mean I don’t allow you family to line up next to you both, it just means that I keep it relaxed and don’t expect you to spend your special day stood looking and talking to me. I look for moments that tell a story and mix that will classic photos   You’ll never find me without a camera in hand. My obsession started when I was a teenager and continues today, after spending a few years living in Asia and travelling the Far East. I settled in South Manchester, with my wife Vicki when I started to shoot wedding photography and I now live in huddersfield with my beautiful little girl Clementine and equally beautiful Vicki.
As I’m based in West Yorkshire, I am more than happy to travel around the West, East, South and North Yorkshire, The North West of England and Wales. To be straight, id travel all over the Uk or the World, best to give me a bell if you are further a field, and we can have a chat. info@therileyshot.com or check out my contact details at the bottom of the pages.
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