What is Shutter speed in photography


Why shutter speed

If you are a beginner in photography and have started out learning, shutter speed is a great place to start.

When you first turn your DSLR on to manual mode, you are faced with 3 options. Shutter speed, Aperture and ISO. I have 3 videos to explain what each means and how to use them to create an image you want, not what the camera wants.

What the Vlog says

So, this was my first attempt, I’m not a filmmaker, Im a photographer (that’s my excuse) so I purposely didn’t make it flashy :). In this video I chat about my plans for the channel and go through the details of shutter speed. I throw a few pics out to explain.

In a rush?

Check out the video below for a super short 4 minute explanation.

What next

I really want to share my learning with people who are keen to move away from auto mode and help people learn. I will put out a post on ISO next and then, try to do a super short all in one Shutter speed, Aperture, ISO vid, with vivid examples. After this, I’ll keep posting Vlogs about what’s going on and my work. Hopefully to show people that you can have a full time office job, family etc and still find time to shoot.



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